Silence broken by cicadas and birds, pine tree and lavender scents, a breath-taking view on the Madeleine Cliff and the energy vibrating from our centuries-old cedar trees... practicing yoga and meditation at the Mas aux Cèdres is a soothing, energising and unforgettable experience.

You can be an expert yogi or just be keen of trying yoga for the first time, the Mas is an ideal location and Mara will be happy to guide you through a personalised session depending on your level and objectives.

« I discovered and fell in love with yoga for the first time in Japan more than ten years ago, since then I've been practicing and enjoying the overall well-being and pleasure that comes with each session. I've tried several disciplines before choosing the traditional Natha Yoga and completing the 3-year long journey to become a certified yoga teacher and being now able to share this ancient practice ».

The yoga sessions are available for all levels, customized and run individually, couple or small group.

Contact Mara for more information or to book your session.